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The Easiest Ways To Care For Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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The Easiest Ways To Care For Curls


Caring for curls can seem like an all encompassing task. However, it doesn't have to be daunting! These are the easiest ways to care for curls. Give these great tips a try, and let us know if works well for you.

The Easiest Ways To Care For Curls

How To Care For Curls


There's a lot of great information out there, but there isn't one right or wrong way to take care of curls that works for everyone. Curls are unique, and therefore not each technique will work for everyone. Therefore, you'll need to experiment to figure out what works for you and your mane.

Have patience:

Learning how to take care of curls is an ongoing process. As a result, you'll need to cut yourself some slack and understand it will take time to fully understand how to be able to take care of your curls. So if a technique or product doesn't work right away, give it a couple of tries before you toss in the towel.

Regular trims:

Setting up an ongoing appointment with your stylist will make taking care of your curls even easier. By removing dead ends and splits, you'll find your curls are much easier to style, maintain, and add product to.

Skip washes:

Ever wished you could have the opportunity to sleep in a few minutes longer? Well, skip on washing your hair and you've now got yourself some free time. Washing your curls everyday can actually lead to dryness, and frizz. Therefore, your curls will actually benefit from skipping washes here and there.

Read labels:

Before you slather products in your curls, make sure you're reading product labels. Avoid anything synthetic, or with sulfates, parabens, or fragrances. All of these things will actually make styling your curls more difficult down the road, as those ingredients will dry out your strands.


Finally, one of the most important keys to taking care of your curls is hydration. Since curls are naturally dry, giving an extra dose of hydration is important. Make sure you're using deep conditioning treatments, leave in conditioners, and regularly spritzing your curls with water to keep strands hydrated.

How To Keep Curls Fresh All Week

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