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The Easiest Curly Hair Hacks Ever

by Chelsea Castonguay
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The Easiest Curly Hair Hacks Ever


We're all about making things easier on our readers. Therefore, we've compiled the easiest curly hair hacks ever. These tips will make taking care of your curls a breeze. If you have any tips or tricks you'd add to a list like this, make sure you let us know. We'd love to know what works for you.

The Easiest Curly Hair Hacks Ever

The Secret Rules Of Great Curls

Skip the poo:

Instead of lathering up, opt for a gentle cowash instead. Traditional shampoos strip away natural oils and moisture. This means your curls will be more prone to dryness and frizz. Cowash cleanses without removing moisture, so it's a win-win.

Cover to condition:

After you cleanse your curls, reintroduce moisture with a hydrating deep conditioning treatment. Cover curls from midshaft to the tips with the conditioner, making sure each curl is completely coated. After, place a plastic shower cap over your curls and allow the conditioner to sit for a minimum of 30 minutes. The heat from your head will help the product be absorbed into the strands. You can also apply external heat if desired to increase the effectiveness.

Don't rinse completely:

As tempting as it can be to rinse away all the conditioner in order to get that squeaky clean feeling, leaving behind some conditioner is actually beneficial to your strands. Leaving some behind will continue to moisturize your strands.

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Use water to detangle:

Before rinsing away all the conditioner, stand under cool water and detangle your strands. The cool running water with the conditioner will help create enough slip to help remove tangles or snarls to work on even the toughest knots.

Pat dry:

Instead of rubbing your curls dry, opt to pat your curls dry instead. You can use a favorite old tshirt to gently blot away excess water. It's an easy way to remove water without causing frizz.

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