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The Dos and Don’ts Of Managing Frizz

by Chelsea Castonguay
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The Dos and Don'ts Of Managing Frizz


The Dos and Don'ts Of Managing Frizz

While there's absolutely nothing wrong with frizz, some curly girls don't like it. If you fall in the crowd of those who don't love dealing with frizz, this is for you! These are the dos and don'ts of managing frizz. Give these tips a try, and enjoy the benefits of having less frizzy curls.


Before styling, section your curls. This makes it easier to work with individual strands, as well as lessens the likelihood of your strands tangling on themselves.

When it's time to purchase a hair dryer, don't skimp. Purchase a hair dryer that has a diffuser, as this will make drying your strands with heat much easier. Additionally, an ionic dryer will help minimize frizz.

How To Safely Use Heat On Curls

Before applying any kind of heat to your strands, make sure to utilize a heat protecting product. Otherwise, you risk drying your curls out when using the hair dryer. This makes it much more likely your curls will frizz.


Curls tend to tangle. Therefore, you'll need to detangle your curls carefully. Use a wide toothed comb, and coat your curls in conditioner to create slip. Work through tangles individually to avoid tearing or breaking your strands. Above all, don't use a brush on your curls, as this will disrupt your natural curl pattern and create frizz.

Don't wash curls regularly. Skip shampoos. Instead of washing your curls every day, save shampooing for once a week or bi weekly. On your off days, you can use cowash to refresh your scalp and remove any debris or buildup. This will give you a few extra days between washes.

Don't skimp on conditioners. Make sure you're following every shampoo with a conditioner, and use deep conditioner regularly to keep curls well hydrated.

The Best Frizz Fighting Products For Curls

Avoid using a regular terry cloth towel. Instead, opt for a microfiber towel or an old tshirt to gently blot away excess water from your hair.


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