The Dos And Donts of Frizzy Curls

There’s a lot of information out there about taking care of curls. While we have always believe all curls are beautiful curls, some girls don’t want to deal with it. If you like to keep frizz at bay, these are the dos and donts of frizzy curls. Your curls will be much less frizzy, and easier to style.

The Dos And Donts of Frizzy Curls

The Dos And Donts of Frizzy Curls


Use sections to work with your curls. This is especially effective if you have lots of long, thick curls. By working in sections, you can ensure each area of your curls are being completely cleansed, moisturized, and properly detangled. This means your curls will be much less prone to frizz.

When you choose to use heat tools, make sure you’re utilizing ionic blow dryers with diffusers. This will make sure the heat is evenly dispersed throughout your strands as well as minimizing frizz. When you have to use a flat or curling iron make sure you’re using a heat protectant spray beforehand. Completely coat the curls, and allow the products to dry in the strands before using the heat tools. This will help keep the risk of frizz causing damage low.

Use your creativity! Explore moisturizing products, and don’t be afraid to create your own DIY curl care products. When it comes to beating frizz, you want to think smarter. Make sure you’re using items you already have on hand, such as an old, soft, t-shirt to dry instead of a towel.

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Avoid using brushes in your curly hair. When you rake a brush through your curls, it disrupts the natural pattern. This creates immediate frizz. Instead, use fingers or wide toothed combs to work through tangles.

Don’t shampoo or cleanse daily. Instead, opt for a once or twice a week cleansing. For in between days, utilize a dry shampoo to sop up any excess oil or dirt. This will also create volume and lift for when curls have fallen flat.

Even though you won’t be shampooing your curls as often, you’ll still need to moisturize and condition regularly. Don’t skip on this essential part of your curl care routine. Without moisture, you’re sure to have frizzy curls.

Finally, don’t use a terry cloth towel. Terry cloth rips and tears at delicate strands, which creates frizz.

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