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The Curly Products Emmy Rossum Swears By

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Whether you loved her in the Phantom of the Opera or on TV as the feisty Fiona in Shameless, actress Emmy Rossum's natural curls have always been a show-stopper. However, over the years, regularly heat treating her strands led her natural curls to drop their shape. As a result, Emmy set out on a mission to try to reclaim her natural texture. Part of that process included sourcing great curl products. These are the ones that made the cut, and are the curly products Emmy Rossum swears by. Give these products a try, and see if they can help breathe fresh life back into your strands!

The Curly Products Emmy Rossum Swears By

Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Conditioner:

Even though she only washes her hair with shampoo twice a week maximum, Emmy uses this moisturizing conditioner on the daily. It helps refresh and revitalizes strands that might be dry and distressed.

HydroHair HydroCurl:

After washing and conditioning, Emmy allows her hair to become soaking wet. While the strands are still completely saturated, she applies Hydrocurl throughout her mane. While she uses 10 pumps of this product, you might need less depending on your hair type. Emmy's hair is quite thick, so she needs a bit more to tame her strands.

Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Towel:

After scrunching out any excess water, Emmy uses a microfiber towel to continue removing excess water. These work much better than terry cloth on curls, as they don't tug and pull on delicate strands. For those who choose to plop their curls, a microfiber towel can be really helpful.

DevaCurl DevaFuser:

After removing excess water from her curls, Emmy does her best to allow her strands to air dry. However, as a busy actress, that isn't always feasible. On days when time is short, she reaches for her DevaCurl DevaFuser. This diffuser is unlike others on the market in that it's made to specifically mimic the natural shape of your hand, such as you would hold curls when drying or scrunching. Focus on working on each area of your curls individually, and allow each curl to completely dry before moving on.

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