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The Best Ways To Prevent Shrinkage

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Is there anything more aggravating than trying to grow out your curls, but noticing your curls keep shrinking up? This is a common occurrence known as shrinkage, and occurs primarily after your curls dry. As the moisture leaves your strands your hair recoils back, and this makes it seems as though your strands are shorter than they actually are. This is a particularly frustrating after you get a hair cut, as your hair may look significantly short than you wanted. Therefore, these are the best ways to prevent shrinkage. Give these suggestions a try, and you may find yourself loving your curls again.

The Best Ways To Prevent Shrinkage

Use knots:

If you want to help keep your curls from shirking up, try some bantu knots. Not only do these knots require no special skills to accomplish, they're stylish and easy to use. They work great as a protective style, and also help stretch your strands out. When you eventually take the knots out, your curls will be less prone to shrinkage.

Get comfortable with roller sets:

One way to help your curls dry in a way that not only maintains their natural shape, but also minimizes shrinkage is to get comfortable with roller sets. Roller sets are placed in wet curls, and then allowed to air dry, so this is one of the best ways to minimize shrinkage without causing damage to your delicate strands. While this technique can he used on dry curls, you might find you get the most out of it by using wet curls with a styling cream or gel to help curls hold their shape.

Use a bun:

Similiarly to bantu knots, buns look great and require very little specialized skill to accomplish. Additionally, a bun works greatas a protective style, and helps keep shrinkage to a minimum. The curls are wrapped insdie themselves, allowing them to keep moisture in,a nd continuing to stretvch the curls out a bit. Create a high bun perched on the top of your head while your strands are damp, but not wet, If you have longer curls, you coudl wrap your curls into the bun to create longer waves.

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