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The Best Tips For Frizzy Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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How To Keep Curls Healthy In A Protective Style

First of all, we want to stress there is nothing wrong with having frizzy hair. While some curly girls don;’t want to deal with it, there are others who don’t care one bit about frizz! For those that want to embrace their frizz, these are the best tips for frizzy curls. Let us know what you recommend to our other frizzy haired beauties!

The Best Tips For Frizzy Curls


The Best Tips For Frizzy Curls

Don’t skip moisture:

Regardless of if you mind frizz or not, giving moisture to your curls is essential. Make sure you’re using a leave in conditioner or curl refreshing spray regularly to mist your strands. You might need to do this 1-2x per day depending how your curls react.

Embrace your natural texture:

Part of loving your hair in all its frizzy glory is accepting it exactly as it is! When we spend time wishing for someone else's hair type or hoping for our strands to be something different, we can find ourselves thinking we're lacking. Instead, make sure you're showing off your glorious strands regularly!

Take care of your curls:

In order to keep your strands healthy, it's important to schedule regular trims with your stylist. While frizz is fine, it can become something more if you're not taking care. Splits, and overly dry strands can lead to damage, as well as snarls. When this happens, you can be tempted to pull or tug at your hair to remove knots. This can lead to breakage, which nobody wants.

Ditch the chemicals:

Regardless of your curl's texture, if you're still using chemicals, you might find your strands becoming more damaged. Therefore, make sure you're ditching the chemical treatments and artificial ingredients in your products. This will help your strands stay their healthiest, and continue to be easier to style.

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