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The Best Styles To Protect Your Curls Overnight

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Do you wake up with your curls a mess in the morning? If so, you're not alone! Sleep is unavoidable, but waking up with squashed curls isn't. The question is: what are the best styles to protect your curls overnight? If you aren't taking care to put your curls in the right style before sleep, you might end up regretting it. Here are the best ways to sleep to protect your curls.

The Best Styles To Protect Your Curls Overnight


When you opt to wear a bun, you're going to be doing your curls a favor by protecting the inside of your strands. Wrapping your hair around will keep the curls protected while preventing moisture from escaping into the air. Additionally, a bun can help you keep your curls in shape, so it won't be as difficult to style your hair the next day.


A lot of curly girls use this tried-and-true curly style to protect their strands while they sleep, and we can't blame them! This style protects your curls from being crushed and moisture loss while sleeping, and it couldn't be easier to do! Simply flip your curls over, and gather your strands on the top of your head. Tie it with a soft hair band or a scrunchie to prevent lines, and you're golden! In the morning remove the scrunchie and shake your curls out. You can also tuck the ends in to create a pineapple bun, which will prevent the ends of your curls from losing moisture.


Last but not least, you can protect your strands while you sleep by creating a two-strand twist in your curls. Divide your curls into four sections, and create two twists, one on either side of your head. Gather the twists up on the top of your head, and bobby pin the twists in place. Your curls won't be as flat in the morning, since you didn't sleep on them. Additionally, the twists will help your strands retain their shape. p

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