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The Summer Curly Hair Care Hacks You Need To Know

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Beat the heat and keep your curls looking on point with these summer curly hair care hacks you need to know.  We wish summer could last forever and even though fall is right around the corner, there are still several weeks of glorious summer left. You can also check out The Hairstyles You Need For Hot, Humid Days.

Blot your curls:

Excess moisture escaping from curls leads to frizz. Beat frizz before it begins by blotting excess was from your strands. If you don't have an old t-shirt or microfiber towel available, grab a few paper towels and use them to gently squeeze water from your hair.

Beat frizz:

Frizz can really cramp your summer curl style. Stop it before it even starts with a coconut curl spray. You can DIY with coconut water and a spritz bottle, or pick up a curl refresher spray.

Make your own DIY anti-frizz mask:

Summer is the perfect time to try DIY curl care product, as there are tons of fresh ingredients available. This DIY anti-frizz mask is made of yogurt and honey. Find the recipe here and give it a go to help bring moisture and control to curls.

Detox your curls:

Don't forget about also detoxing your curls. Over time, curls can get weighed down by the elements, chlorine, and curl care products. Combat this by doing a baking soda rinse to refresh strands.

Twist your curls:

Putting curls back when soaking wet isn't advised, because when they dry curls will shrink and contract. This can cause damage to delicate strands. However, no one wants wet tendrils clinging to their neck all day. After a swim, blot your curls and then twist them into an elegant low knot at the base of your neck to see you through the day.

Don't forget sunscreen:

When your mama told you to use sunscreen daily she probably wasn't talking about your curls. However, curls need that extra UV protection as well. Treat your curls to a sun care product to help protect it from harmful UV rays.

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