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Spring Cleaning for Your Curly Hair “Closet”

by Chelsea Castonguay
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While it might still feel pretty cold, spring is one its way. If you're working on achieving the best look for your natural curls, we have a few tips to help you find success. You might be finding that techniques that were successful for your curl care last year aren't working out for you now, or some of your products aren't working for you like they used to. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to make some new choices for your curls and figure out what you want to do next to make your curls look their very best in 2017.

Toss old products: Check through all of your products and see if any have expired. Expired products just won't work as well on your curls as fresh products do, so now is a good time to toss old things and experiment with new ones. Going forward, consider grabbing a sharpie when you get new products and dating them so you know how long you've had them. This is a great way to keep track of which products you use the most.

Clean out your accessories: Now is a great time to sort through the clutter of hair supplies you have and toss those that are old, bent, or stretched out. If your bobby pins are snagging your curls and your headbands don't have any elastic left, it's time to chuck them in the trash and invest in some new ones. This is also a good time to treat yourself to new wide tooth combs, a satin pillow case and bonnet. When selecting satin products, spend the money on good quality items and they'll last much longer.

Get rid of bad habits: If something didn't work for you in 2016, odds are it still isn't going to work in 2017. Spend some time reflecting on 2017, and think about what products, techniques and styles worked and didn't work for you. If something doesn't make your curls feel or look amazing, get rid of it. Now's the time to think about your diet, lifestyle and curl care regime, and make a plan going forward. Think about what you want to achieve for your curls in the next year and figure out what works for you!

What are your plans for your curls for the upcoming year? Let us know, and check out more tips here.

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