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How To Sleep On Your Curls Without Ruining Them

by Chelsea Castonguay
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How To Sleep On Your Curls Without Ruining Them


Have you ever gone to sleep with amazing curls only to wake up to find them completely squashed? Fallen curls can put a real damper on your second day look. Here’s how to sleep on curls without ruining them.

Sleep on curls without ruining them:

Satin and silk:

Before you lay your head to rest for the night, considering upgrading your pillowcase to silk or satin. Cotton can be very drying, as it wicks away moisture. This can leave curls brittle and dry. Instead, use satin or silk to allow curls to slip across the surface.


You can keep curls close to the head, which will help keep them from falling, by using a silk or satin bonnet. This is one occasion where you can pick between the pillowcase or bonnet; both aren’t necessary. Twist, pile, or gently tie your curls up before putting the cap or bonnet on.


Before hitting the hay, you can put your hair into a bun to protect them. Pile your curls on the very top of your head, which will protect them and also be the most comfortable way to sleep. Having your curls in a bun will protect the ends, which are the most fragile parts of your curls. Try to keep your bun relatively loose so as to avoid overly disrupting your curl pattern. When tying up your bun, use Bobby pins, or a soft, loose hair tie such as a scrunchie. You can also utilize the pineapple technique, which is relatively similar. Gather up all of your curls and tie them very loosely on the top of your head. This will protect your curls without damaging them.

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