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Simple Ways To Care For Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Are you feeling as though your curls aren't doing what you'd like them to? If so, you probably aren't alone. A lot of curly girls express frustration with their hair. However, you don't have to live with difficult to seal with hair. Here are simple ways to care for curls. Give these suggestions a try, and let us know which work for you.

Simple Ways To Care For Curls

Spray your pins:

Sometimes, we find that curly hair pops pins back out. However, if you need your pins to stay in place, consider hitting them with a shot of hair spray before inserting them into your hair. Allow the hair spray to dry, and it will allow the pin to stay more firmly in your strands. Once dried, push the pints into your hair where you need to help hold your curls in place. By using this technique, you might find yourself using less product, and spending less time adjusting your hair throughout the day.

Use dry shampoo before bed:

Now hear us out about this one; putting dry shampoo into your hair before bed can be a great time saver in the morning. Additionally, it allows the shampoo to do the hard work while you're sleeping. In the morning, flip your curls over and lift from the roots with your fingertips to help create lift. Then, you can use your leave in conditioner or curl refreshing spray to help revitalize your curls. Spritz throughout your curls, and scrunch upwards to help encourage any curls that were flattened in sleep to help create their shape again. If needed you can use some heat to help refresh your strands.

Twist your curls:

Sometimes, curls need a little encouragement to help retain their shape. Therefore, you might need to help your curls out. After showering and applying your product, remove excess water. Then, use soft rollers to help twist your curls into their natural shape. Allow them to dry throughout the day, or even overnight if you can sleep on rollers. To speed up the process, you can use your hair dryer on a low eat setting. Once the curls are completely dry, remove the rollers carefully to allow your curls to take shape.

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