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The Secret Rules Of Great Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your curls? Having curls can truly be a struggle at times. However, there are a few secret rules of great curls we can share with you!

Use Mousse:

You read that right. Mousse isn't just for your grandma anymore. Mousse provides great hold, definition, and won't leave curls with that sticky, crunchy feel. Work a small amount through freshly washed and conditioned curls, then style as usual.

Get better definition:

To help your curls get better definition, rinse your curls in cool water. After you've finished shampooing, tilt your curls under the water. Try to avoid running your hands through them, but instead allow the cool water to close down your cuticle.

Get layers:

Many curly girls shy away from layers. They believe that layers will actually make your hair frizzer, but this isn't the case. Shorter layers can actually help remove the bulk that weighs your strands down and creates lift. This will allow your curls to spring up and showcase your natural pattern.

Dry cut:

Before you allow your stylist to start snipping away, request that they wash and style your curls first. Cutting your curls dry will allow them to accommodate for shrinkage, which will give a much more accurate measurement regarding how much length you'll actually be losing.

Blot dry:

When you get out of the shower avoid reaching for your same old terry cloth towel. Instead of rubbing your curls dry, adopt the blotting method to more effectively remove excess water without harming the structure of your strands. You can use a microfiber towel or a t-shirt to gently cup each clump of curls and squeeze to remove excess water.

Hands off:

As tempting as it can be to run your fingers through your beautiful strands, try to keep your hands off. Once your curls are dry, touching them can actually disrupt their natural pattern. This can create frizz and cause the curls to fall.

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