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Refresh your curls with these easy tips

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Sometimes, your curls just need a refresh, and that's totally ok! When that happens, you might need to try some new products, mix up your curl care routine, or go in for a visit with your stylist. If you're feeling as though your curls aren't the best they can be, you can try to refresh your curls with these easy tips. Give these suggestions a try, and if you happen to find something you like, make sure you let us know.

Refresh your curls with these easy tips


Ditch silicones and sulfates:

And while you're at it, scour your curl care products for artificial ingredients and fragrances. Things like silicones and sulfates are actually quite damaging to curls, and can really dry out your strands. If you've been using these types of products for some time, you also might want to think about using a clarifyer before starting new products in order to cleanse your curls and make a fresh start. Remember, this includes your shampoos, conditioners, curl care masks, and styling products.

Deep condition:

Well, odds are you've probably skipped a deep conditioning session here and there. Most of us have. It can be hard to carve out the extra time to put on a deep conditioner and let it sit for the minimum 30 minutes, but it's absolutely worth it. Deep conditioners restore lost moisture, and will help soften your curls so they are smoother, shinier, as well as easier to style. Trust us, it's absolutely worth it to make the time.


Other than checking out the ingredients in your curl care products, you also want to think about what those stylers do for your curls. If you're finding that your styling products are dragging your curls down, are making your strands sticky, or aren't doing what you need them to, it's time to mix it up. Overall, stylers can be really helpful and useful, but only if they're the right kinds for your curls. Make sure the products you're using are the ones for your specific types of hair.

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