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Prepping your curls for protective styles

by Chelsea Castonguay
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For curly girls interested in growing out their curly hair, a protective style is often the way to go. Even for keeping your hair healthy, protective styles are very useful. However, it's important to keep your strands healthy before putting your hair back. Here's how you can go about prepping your curls for protective styles, and make sure your curls stay healthy.

Prepping your curls for protective styles


Before you start putting your hair back, make sure you've carefully cleansed your curls. This will help remove any old product, as well as get your curls prepped. Make sure to carefully massage your scalp to help remove build up, and moisturize your scalp.


If there's any step you could skip on prepping your curls, this one isn't it! Make sure you're conditioning your curls well before you begin getting ready for a protective style. You're going to want to slather up your curls with a good moisturizing conditioner to help create great slip. Work on your knots and tangles so your curls are smooth.


Curls need to be extra moisturized, so you're going to want to make sure you add a deep conditioner to your routine. A good deep conditioner will infuse your strands with moisture, as well as softening your curls to get them ready for twisting or braiding your strands.


Add a leave in conditioner to help lock in moisture, and follow up with an oil to seal moisture in. This will also make sure your strands stay hydrated throughout this process. You can also add your favorite curl care products at this time, such as a defining cream or a gel.

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