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The Natural Curl Hacks You Need To Know

by Chelsea Castonguay
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natural curl hacks


Taking care of curls isn't easy, but it doesn't have to be overly difficult either. Having a few tricks up your sleeve can help. Here are the natural curl hacks you need to know.

Natural Curl Hacks

Use a t-shirt:

If you're still towel tousling your curls dry, you're doing it wrong. Terry cloth pulls at delicate strands, causing damage and frizz. Skip the towel rub down and blot away excess water with an old t-shirt.

Use curlers:

Hear me out. Sometimes curls just don't fall the way you want them to. Here's where perm rods, soft rollers, or heat rollers can help you out. Use them to help set scraggly ends or encourage wayward curls to fall into line.

Use the right product:

Know which products are correct for your curl type so you don't waste time and money. When adding product to your curls, make sure your hair is between 50-70% dry. This will minimize the time it takes to dry and style your curls, which is much better for them in the long run.

Use cold water:

Showering in cold water sucks, but it has great benefits for your curls. Shampoo in warm and condition in cool to cold water. This will allow your cuticles to close back down, which locks in moisture and minimizes frizz.

Use a bag for deep conditioning:

Got an old grocery bag hanging about? Instead of tossing it, put it to use and utilize it cover your curls while deep conditioning. You can also buy a plastic shower cap for this same purpose. Slather your curls in deep conditioner and then cover with the bag. Allow to sit for 30 minutes so you scalp warms up. This will allow your hair to absorb the product.

Use apple cider vinegar:

Is this stuff magic or what? Use apple cider vinegar to help soothe irritated scalps, minimize dandruff, increase shine and softness. Follow it after your shampoo and conditioner to help seal cuticles down and keep frizz down.

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