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Must Know Curly Hair Tricks and Tips

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Understand how to take care of curls can be a bit of a process. However, the more you experiment and try different things, the better you'll get at it. Therefore, here are some must know curly hair tricks and tips to try. Give these a whirl, and if any work for you, make sure you let us know!

Must Know Curly Hair Tricks and Tips

Don't touch:

One of the most important, yet under utilized tips, is to avoid touching your curls. Even though it can be really frustrating to have to keep your hands out of your hair, it's absolutely essential. When you touch your curls, a few things happen. You can transfer oils from your skins to your strands, which can make your hair oily or weigh it down. Additionally, touching your curls disrupts your natural curl pattern, creating frizz or causing your hair to fall flat. In short, try to keep your hands to yourself and out of your curls.

Scrunch product in:

There are a ton of awesome, and some not as awesome, curl products on the market. So you may need to experiment a bit to find a product that works well for you and your type of curl. But when you do finally locate that holy grail product, you're going to want to use it correctly. Follow the instructions on the back of the bottle (they're there for a reason) and when all else fails, scrunch the product into your hair. This will encourage your curls to adapt to their natural pattern, and make sure product completely covers each strand.

Always use deep conditioner:

This is a step that often gets skipped. After all, if you're using a cowash to cleanse your curls, you don't need a deep conditioner, right? However, deep conditioners are actually an essential part of the process, coating and softening your curls to moisture can make its way in. Following every washing treatment, you absolutely should be using a deep conditioning treatment to make sure your curls are hydrated.

Skip the brush:

If you're still yanking a brush through your curls, now is the time to stop. Brushes aren't a friend of a curly girl. When you brush your strands, you're disrupting their natural pattern, forcing them out of their shape. As a result, curls can become frizzy and difficult to manage. Instead, avoid brushing all together. Opt for a wide toothed comb to detangle your strands, or just use your fingers. Additionally, when you do use that comb, it's best done only after applying a liberal amount of conditioner throughout your strands to avoid tearing or breaking your strands.

Check ingredients:

One of the key things you can to preserve the integrity of your strands is to check ingredients. If your curl care products contains sulfates, parabans, artificial fragrances or colors, or other ingredients you just can't pronounce, it might be best to leave them on the shelf. Instead, focus on filling your cabinet with products that have natural, organic, and whole ingredients that will nourish your hair without harming your delicate strands.

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