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How To Moisturize Porous Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Curls come in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures. Each curl pattern is unique to the individual girl, and therefore each curl needs different care. When it comes to your curls, knowing their level of porosity can be helpful in figuring out how to care for your curls. There are a few different types of porosity that your curls can have, and there are different ways to moisturize for each level of porosity.

Low porosity curls: If you have curls that have low porosity, you're going to want to avoid heavier products, as your curls won't absorb them as easily. When selecting a moisturizer, pick one that is water based. A liquid leave in conditioner will work well. After you've applied your leave in conditioner, pick a light, natural oil like almond or jojoba to help seal down your cuticles and retain moisture.

Medium porosity curls: For our curlies with medium porosity curls, you're going to want to avoid products that have protein as an ingredient. Select a product that is rich in moisturizing ingredients that is also free of parabens or sulfates. Select a light cream moisturizer or a liquid moisturizer. Once you've applied your products, you should seal your ends down with a light natural oil.

High porosity curls: If your curls are highly porous, you're going to want to create a routine specifically tailored to your own curl's needs. Start with a rich, heavy moisturizing, liquid leave in cream. After you've applied your product, follow with a heavy curl cream. Once you've applied these products, make sure to seal your ends down with a thick natural butter, such as shea. After cleansing, use an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse to help close down open cuticles. This will help retain the moisture that's usually lost when curls are highly porous.

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