Mistakes To Avoid When Taking Care Of Wavy Curls

If we told you that waves and curls are the same, we’d be lying! While waves are part of the curly family, this texture of hair is not the same. This isn’t to say you won’t benefit from information on how to take care of your natural waves, because you will! You’ll just need some different tips and tricks on how to take care of your waves. Therefore, these are the mistakes to avoid when taking care of wavy curls. Use these tips to avoid weighing down waves and bring out the best in your waves’ natural texture.

Mistakes To Avoid When Taking Care Of Wavy Curls


Mistakes To Avoid When Taking Care Of Wavy Curls

Don’t just cowash:

We talk a lot about the importance of cowashing and it is a useful treatment. However, for those with waves or finer curls, over time cowashing can weigh strands down. Therefore, you’ll need to mix it up with a low poo shampoo. Choose a gentle cleansing formula to remove build up without damaging your strands.

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Don’t forget to clarify:

After time, your curls will inevitably develop build up from product, oil production, and even your cowash. Therefore, you’ll want to clarify your wavy curls. This will remove excess build up that might cause your strands to be weighed down. A good clarifying shampoo will relieve your waves and scalp of build up.

Skipping deep conditioners:

Sometimes wavy girls skip using deep conditioners because they think their fine curls don’t need it, or they’re afraid it’ll weigh down their curls. While if you overuse your deep conditioner you might end up dragging down waves, this isn’t true if you use it correctly. Deep conditioners will help moisturize your strands, which will allow your waves to maintain their natural shape.

Using the raking method:

While this tried and true method works great for curly girls, it can be disruptive to wavy girl’s patterns. Instead, you’ll need to focus on getting your waves to clump to keep their natural shape and texture. There are a few methods that might work better for applying product to waves. Use the prayer method, use your hands to apply product while gently scrunching waves upwards to maintain their shape.

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Applying the wrong products:

For wavy girls especially, it’s important to remember that not all products are created equal. As a result, it’s important to select the products that are right for your curl type. Make sure you’re selecting highly moisturizing, but lightweight products. If you pick products that are too heavy, it will make your strands greasy or pull your waves out. Therefore, you won’t be getting the hold you’d hoped for.