The Mistakes That All Curly Girls Make

curly hair

Even though we all try hard to keep our curls looking their best, there can sometimes be some challenges along the way. Taking care of curly hair can be quite the task, and it’s likely that if you haven’t already, you’ll make some mistakes along your journey. We’d like to help you avoid some of those pitfalls of curl care if possible, so here are five common mistakes that most curly girls make.

Hanging onto brushes and combs: If you have curly hair, you need to get rid of your brushes. Brushes and fine toothed combs can disrupt your curl’s natural pattern, causing frizz and breakage. If you need to use a comb, pick up a wide toothed comb for working through tangles or just use your fingers.

Using heat tools: Consider chucking your heat tools in the trash or at the very least burying them in a drawer. Heat can be very damaging to curls, especially the high heat used by styling tools. If you need to use a blow dryer to expedite drying your curls, make sure to pick up a diffuser.

Using a terry cloth towel: Most of us grew up rubbing our curls with a towel after we got out of the shower. You know what that got us? Frizz. Tons of frizz. Now that you’re grown up, ditch the terry cloth towel and pick up a microfiber one instead, which you can use to squeeze excess water out of your curls. You can also use an old t-shirt to dry your curls as well.

Over washing: Girls with curly hair should avoid washing their curls too often. Once a week should be sufficient or twice a week if absolutely necessary. You can use dry shampoo in your off days to manage oil and dirt.

Sleeping on cotton: Your curls deserve only the best! Pick up a satin bonnet or silk pillowcase to protect your curls while you’re sleeping. You can also pineapple your curls before sleeping to keep them from getting crushed while you sleep.