Inspiration for Type 2 Wavy Curls

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Type 2 wavy curls has a wide variety of types that it covers, with patterns from A-C types. With such a wide variety of curl types, Type 2 curls are often misunderstood. While most Type 2 curlies end up treating their hair more like straight hair, they don’t realize they should be treating their hair more like tighter curls. While learning to care for your waves can be frustrating, there is light at the end of the tunnel! We’re sharing our favorite tips from other Type 2 curlies for helping manage and inspire your wavy curl care.

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1. reallifecurlygirl

YouTuber and blogger Alyson has been sharing her curl care journey. With her many posts, Alyson shows how a wavy girl’s curl patterns can change from day to day, and can be affected based upon types of products used. Check out her social media for regular tips and tricks.

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2. curlykatmarie

She’s been following a curl care regime since 2012, so it’s safe to say that this YouTuber knows her stuff. If you’re looking for some excellent tips and advice for managing your Type 2 curls, check out her channel here .

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3. thewavynation

With awesome YouTube and Instagram accounts, this lovely lady shares her own experiences in maintaining healthy and happy wavy hair. She specializes in short, wavy curls!

curly kat

4. curlywavycaitlin

This Instagrammer shares her regular tips and tricks for ongoing management of Type 2 curls. She lets you know what works for her and what her pitfalls were on her way to curl care success.

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5. mycgjourney

If you’re looking for quick and easy product reviews, this curly girl’s Instagram account is perfect for you. It’s been just over a year since she’s embraced her natural curls and she’s providing all the inspiration you need to get ready to love your own Type 2 waves as well!

Looking for more great tups and tricks? Check out more inspiration here and share pics of your own Type 2 waves in the comments below.