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How To Tame Frizzy Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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While some curly girls are just fine with frizz, (and that's totally ok!) Not everyone is. If you fall in the category of those who absolutely hate having frizzy strands, we're here for you. Here's your guide on how to tame frizzy curls. Give these suggestions a try, and you're sure to love your frizz-free strands!

How To Tame Frizzy Curls

Shampoo less often:

If you're over-shampooing your curls, you're most likely stripping your strands of their natural moisture. Therefore, you need to think about shampooing less frequently. Find yourself a fabulous dry shampoo to use on your in between days, and consider switching some of your washes over to a low poo or cowash instead. Try to limit your washes to once or twice a week at most to allow your strands time to stay hydrated and avoid stripping your natural oils.

Brushing curls while dry:

If you're still brushing your curls, it's time to give that up, Brushes do more harm than good to curls, by disrupting your natural curl pattern and tearing your strands. Therefore, you're left with strands that are prone to frizz, breakage, and damage. Instead, opt for a wide toothed comb or even just your fingers to detangle your strands. Not only is this much better for your hair, you'll find yourself with much less frizz, and an improved curl pattern. Win-win.

Avoiding deep conditioners:

While it can feel like an annoying add-on to your curl care routine, make sure you;re scheduling in regular time to add a deep conditioning treatment to your curl care routine. Deep conditioners help fight frizz by adding back in moisture, softening strands, and adding shine. When your curls are properly hydrated, they'll be much less frizzy, and easier to style. Therefore, you'll want to give yourself at least 60 minutes once a week for a deep conditioning treatment.

Skipping styling products:

This is another step that can be tempting to skip, but ultimately it's going to lead you to more heartache. Stylers help your curls maintain their natural shape and shine. This means your curls won't be as easy to manage without the aid of a styler, and may struggle to hold in moisture. You don't need to go crazy; if you're a minimalist, you can opt for one or two stylers to help keep your strands in order without causing extra grief.

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