How To Style Your Curls Perfectly Every Time

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Do you ever feel as though you struggle for consistency with your curls? If so, this is for you! Learning how to style curls can be tricky, and some girls need extra support. Don’t worry- we’ve got you! Here’s how to style your curls perfectly every time. Give these tips a try and don’t forget to let us know what you think.

How To Style Your Curls Perfectly Every Time

How To Style Your Curls Perfectly Every Time


Before beginning, take the time to section your strands into 4-6 even sections. This will make it easier to moisturize, detangle, and style. You’ll also avoid knots or tangles, which damage strands.


After sectioning out hair, work through tangles carefully and gently. Ripping, tearing, or pulling will only damage your curls, making strands frizzy and difficult to manage. Use a wide toothed comb, or fingers to individually work through knots. Use conditioner and detangle in the shower as needed for tougher knots.


Don’t be afraid to apply moisture to keep your strands popping. Use a curl refreshing spray, or even plain water to help your curls pop back to life, reactivate product, and tame flyaways.

Add gel:

Before diving in, apply your favorite curl hold gel throughout your strands to get your style to stay in place.

Get dry:

If you’ve washed or refreshened your curls while in a style, then you need to wait for the hair to be fully dry before removing it. If you take out a protetctive style while it’s still wet, you run the risk of causing damage to your curls. Additionally, styling curls while sopping wet can lead to shrinkage. When curls shrink while in a style, it pulls and snaps the delicate strands. Instead, style curls while slightly damp to achieve hold and encourage curl patterns to stay.

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