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How to manage frizzy curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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A lot of curly girls find themselves trying to deal with frizz at some point in their lives. Frizz is something that's really irritating if you don't want it, and easy to get but not get rid of. Therefore, you might be interested in learning how to manage frizzy curls. It's not something you have to put up with if you don't want to!

What you can do:

  1. Use lots of moisturizing treatments on your curls. Frizz can be caused by hair that isn't well moisturized. Therefore, you'll need to make sure it's being frequently hydrated. This can be done by using more deep conditioning treatments, water-based curl care products, leave in conditioners, and misting strands with water or curl refreshing sprays.
  2. Avoid heat. As tempting as it can be to speed up the styling process, heat is not a friend to those with frizz. Try to allow your curls to air dry as much as possible, and remove excess water by gently squeezing your strands before drying. When using heat, use it minimally and on the lowest setting you can.
  3. Get regular trims. Trimming your curls is the only thing that will absolutely heal and remove damage. Damaged curls mean frizzy curls. Avoid it by scheduling a trim every 6-8 weeks.
  4. Dry gently. Instead of blasting curls with heat, dry to gently squeeze water out of your strands using the scrunching method. You can plop your curls dry, or gently squeeze with a t-shirt or microfiber towel to remove water. Rubbing your curls dry is a sure way to create friction, which equates damage.
  5. Sleep on silk or satin. Cotton is comfortable but draws moisture away from your skin and hair. Silk or satin allow for your strands to slip across the pillowcase, meaning significantly less damage. It'll also help prevent wrinkles!
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