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How To Make Your Wavy Curls Pop

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Wavy curls are in a class all their own! Wavy hair is often fine, and therefore can be prone to losing its shape. This can be really irritating when you want your curls to really pop. Fortunately, you don't have to live with curls that fall. Here's how to make your wavy curls pop. Give these techniques a try, and you'll surely love how your waves look.

 How To Make Your Wavy Curls Pop


How To Make Your Wavy Curls Pop

Pick the right products:

Understand the types of products available on the market is critical for styling your wavy curls. Waves tend to be finer, which means your strands might be more prone to dryness, as well as become weighted down by heavier products. As a result, you'll need to make sure the products you use are hydrating and not too thick. When selecting a product, choose ones that have water listed as one of the first three ingredients for added moisture.

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Don't air dry:

While we normally recommend curly girls air dry, for wavy curls this can have the opposite of the desired effect. Air drying won't create any volume or lift in your waves, which is what your curls need. Therefore, you'll need to invest in a good quality dryer and diffuser, as well as heat protecting products. Apply product to wet curls, and scrunch to create definition and shape. Then, use the diffuser to cup individual sections of curls. Dry completely on low heat, and allow for the curls to set for a moment and cool before moving on to the next clump. Flip your curls over, and apply heat directly to your roots to create lift and volume.

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Enhance as needed:

Even waves that are diffused can need a little extra boost. When you notice some of your waves seem to have fallen flat or failed to take shape, consider trying out various hot tools. A large barrel curling iron can help create beachy waves, or you can use a smaller barrel for tighter, more defined curls. Make sure to protect your curls with a heat spray or hair spray prior to using any heat tools to minimize damage. Additionally, wait until your curls are completely dry before you begin using your heat tools.

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