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How To Keep Your Natural Curls Long

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Once you achieve length with your curls, it's important to understand how to keep it. Due to its coiled shape and natural dryness, curls tend to break easier. Therefore, you'll need some trick and tips on how to keep your natural curls long. Here's what we do. Give it a try and hopefully you'll enjoy long, luscious curls for years to come.

How To Keep Your Natural Curls Long

Things To Never Say To A Curly Girl

Finger detangle:

Curlies with long locks know better than to rake a brush through their strands. Instead, they use conditioner to create a ton of slip and tackle knots with their fingers or a comb.

Section curls:

No matter what you do with your curls, you'll benefit from sectioning your curls out. Washing, detangling, applying product, and styling are all best done in sections so you can focus on making sure your curls are individually cared for.

Deep condition:

Every single time you wash your curls, follow up with a deep conditioning treatment. Since shampooing curls can remove natural oils and moisture, you'll need to reintroduce moisture to your curls. Deep conditioning treatments can help keep curls soft and frizz free.

Use protein treatments:

While you won't want to use protein treatments as often as deep conditioners, it's important to do at least monthly. Protein will help keep your curls balanced, and protect against damage.

Amazingly Helpful Hints For Curly Hair

Seal in moisture:

Curls are naturally dry and therefore will need extra support to stay hydrated. You'll need to moisturize your curls regularly, and then seal in the moisture. This will work well to keep moisture locked in.

Skip the heat:

While heat styling is convenient, it also can be really damaging to your strands. Therefore, you'll want to minimize using heat on your curls.

Protect your strands:

Before hitting the hay, you'll need to protect your curls. This includes deciding how you'll want to manage your strands. Some curly girls opt to wear their hair in the pineapple style. Whereas some curly girls choose to wear a silk or satin bonnet. Some use a silk pillowcase instead. Pick an option that works best for you, and invest in a good quality product.

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