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How To Have Healthy Curls This Winter

by Chelsea Castonguay
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 How To Have Healthy Curls This Winter


How To Have Healthy Curls This Winter

Taking care of your curls during the winter months is important. Between the dry, cold air, and curls getting tangled in hats, hair goes through a lot. Therefore, it's important to take care of it. Here's how to have healthy curls this winter.


It's easy to forget your water bottle during the winter months in favor of a latte. Make sure you're hydrating and keeping up your water intake. Start by taking in at least 8 glasses of water a day and increase as needed.


Before leaving the house, tuck your curls into a silk or satin lined hat. This will help protect curls from being tangled or torn by the winds or the knit of your favorite wool beanie. You can put your hair into a loose braid to help preserve the curl's shape beforehand.


Up your conditioner game. This means making sure you're deep conditioning weekly, utilizing leave in conditioners, and using curl refreshing sprays daily.


If you're the type to skip your visits with your stylist, keep those appointments. Getting regular trims during the winter months will help your curls stay healthier longer by removing dead ends.


Consider washing your curls less and using only a sulfate free shampoo, or cowashing. As a result, you'll find your curls don't get a dry. Focus on cleansing your scalp to break up dandruff or excess product. When washing hair, use warm water to loosen up debris and cool to rinse and close down the cuticles.


Before you bring out the hair dryer, reconsider. Overusing heat treatments during the cold months can actually dry your curls out. Instead, build enough time into your curl care routine to allow your curls to air dry before leaving the house.

What's your favorite tip for keeping your curls looking amazing during the winter? Let us know!

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