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How to grow out your curly hair

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Are you ready to have longer curls again? If you've been wearing your curly hair short for years, or recently underwent the Big Chop, you might be itching for longer locks again. However, it can feel as though it takes forever for curly hair to grow long. While curls do grow at the same rate as all other hair types, it's true that it takes longer to see results. This is because your strands coil in on themselves, which makes it seem like the strands are shorter. However, don't despair! You can achieve long lengths with your curls. Here's how to grow out your curly hair. Give these suggestions a try, and you'll soon be putting your curls back in braids, buns, and ponytails once again.

Focus on the scalp:

Good scalp care is critically important to growing out your strands. Remember, long strands begins at the scalp. You need to encourage a healthy scalp in order for your strands to grow. Make sure you're regularly cleansing and massaging your scalp in order to encourage blood flow. This will help generate new cell growth, which will help your strands grow faster.

One great way to focus on your scalp is to make sure you're exfoliating. Similarly to exfoliating your elbows or feet, the scalp also needs help turning over dead skin cells, oil and product buildup. Therefore, spending some time every few weeks to help your scalp get rid of build up is a great way to make sure your strands will grow in. You can do this by using a shampoo brush when you wash your strands, or by using different scrubs. You can purchase a scalp scrub or make your own.

Oil massage:

Keeping up with the scalp care trend, regular oil massages can also help your strands grow long and strong. Every couple of weeks, warm up some of your favorite oil, and give your head a good massage before showering. Make sure to work the oil into your scalp using slow, circular motions with the pads of your fingers. Never scratch or dig at your scalp with your finger nails.

After you've massaged, you can pull the oil through the rest of your curls. For those with thicker, kinkier coils, castor oil works really well and has long been lauded as an oil that helps encourage a healthy scalp and curl growth. Those with finer coils should use a more lightweight oil to avoid pulling down their curls.


Even though some bloggers might recommend avoiding going in for trims, we have to recommend continuing regular visits with your stylist. While it can be tempting to avoid the shears in an effort to preserve length, in truth it can actually do more harm than good. As curls become damaged, the ends are often the first become dry, frizzy, and split. Splits can travel up the shaft of the hair, which can actually be counter intuitive to growing out your curls. Instead of skipping the trims all together, have a conversation with your stylist about your goals to grow out your strands, and ask them to be as conservative as possible when it comes to trims.

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