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How To Grow Out Your Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Have you taken the plunge and gotten the Big Chop? If so, congratulations! It can be both liberating and terrifying to take the big chop and get rid of dead ends or damaged curls. However, it can also be really helpful for those who wish to grow out their strands. When curls are very damaged, it can be difficult to achieve longer lengths. This is how to grow out your curls. Give these suggestions a try, and make sure you let us know how you do!

How To Grow Out Your Curls

Protective styles:

One of the best ways to protect your curls from damage during their growing out process to have a few great protective styles in your arsenal. A protective style keeps your curls safe from the elements, as well as locks moisture in. This gives your strands the chance to grow without damage. Switch your styles up every couple of weeks, and make sure not to pull your strands too tightly.


The growing out process can be a bit laborious, and sometimes your curls won't want to cooperate. However, in order to correct this, you can use headwraps on days your strands are particularly unruly. Headwraps keep curls well, under wraps. Additionally, you can choose your wraps to highlight your outfit, so it becomes a chic fashion accessory.

Finger coils:

Styling your newly chopped curls can sometimes feel a bit daunting, but finger coils will allow you to begin seeing what the big chop was all about. Spend some time working on your curls individually so you can see your natural shape and texture begin coming through. Finger coils are a great way to manage curls that might be uneven due to the growing process, or need a little more help taking shape.

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