How To Combat Curl Shrinkage

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Is there anything more irritating than having your curls shrink up? Shrinkage can make it feel as though you aren’t making any progress when it comes to growing out your curls. However, there’s something you can do about it. Here’s how to combat curl shrinkage.

How To Combat Curl Shrinkage

How To Combat Curl Shrinkage

Try a bantu knot:

If you want an effective, heat free way to help stretch your strands, consider giving bantu knots a try. Begin by sectioning off your curls into square sections all over your head. The smaller section you create will mean your bantu knot will be small. For larger knots, pull larger sections. After removing knots, begin twisting! Don’t pull too hard to avoid causing damage to your strands.

Use rollers:

That classic roller set that’s sitting in your mom’s medicine cabinet should be dusted off and brought out of retirement. A good roller set can help define and stretch curls out, which will give the appearance of length. Before using, make sure you’ve carefully combed out any knots or tangles. This technique works on dry or wet hair, so you don’t actually need to start with freshly washed strands.

How To Curb Shrinkage In Curly Hair

Create a high bun:

Not only is a classic ballerina bun a fabulous and super easy protective style, it also works really well to help combat shrinkage. When curls are still damp, apply your curl defining product throughout and gather strands high up on the crown of your head. Use a fabric covered elastic, and don’t pull too tight to avoid creating a crease in your curls. Wrap your curls into a tight bun and use bobby pins to secure into place. When your curls are dry, you can remove the bun and shake your strands out. Apply more product as needed to help define your lengthened curls.

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