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How To Care for Type 2 Waves

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Hey there, wavy girl! We see you, and we know you don't get nearly enough attention when it comes to taking care of your wavy curls. At the end of the day, your hair isn't the same as other curly girls, because your hair requires something different to make it really pop the way you want it to. However, taking are of your waves doesn't have to be rocket science. Here's how to care for Type 2 waves. Give these suggestions a look-over and let us know what works for you.

How To Care for Type 2 Waves

Know your type:

Some wavies aren't really sure what their type is, and that can make it difficult when it comes to knowing how to actually care for your mane. Therefore, you need to spend some time figuring out what your hair type actually is. If you're trying to determine your curl type, take a minute to examine the shape of your hair. Most of those with waves find their hair is “fairly bendable with an “S” shape,” according to marthastewart.com. You might find your curls are fine, or the texture can range to coarse. You may also notice you have a hard time getting your curly waves to keep and hold their natural shape. Sometimes, volume may also be an issue.

What to do:

Ok, here's what you came here for. Here's what to do if you have Type 2 waves. First and foremost, ditch the sulfate and paraben laden shampoos and products. Instead,opt for low poo shampoos that will cleanse without stripping your curls of natural oils and moisture. Wavy hair tends to be dry, so you don't want to make it worse.

Next, experiment with products that will work for your curls. Since a lot of waves tend to be on the finer side, heavy products will actually work against you and drag down your strands. Therefore, you'll need to be thinking about how to keep your curls' texture and shape without heavy products. Instead, focus on products featuring moisturizing ingredients in the top three ingredients, and light hold gels or stylers. You won't need a huge amount of product, so start light and add more if needed.

Finally, it's time to start thinking about taking care of your waves. Since waves can be prone to frizz and damage, you'll want to make sure you get in regularly with your stylist for a refreshing trim to get rid of any dead ends. Make sure to limit the amount of heat you use in your curls, and do your best to keep your hands out of your strands. As tempting as it can be to run your fingers through your tresses, this can result in your waves' texture being further disrupted.

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