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How to avoid damaging your curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Curly hair is often prone to damage. As much as that sucks, it's a reality of having curly hair. Curls are naturally drier than other types of strands, and can be a bit more fragile. While that might seem a bit negative, it's nothing that can't be avoided or taken care of with a little TLC applied to your curls. Here's how to avoid damaging your curls. Don't forget to let us know if these work for you, or if there's anything else you'd add to the list for other curly girls.

How to avoid damaging your curls

Skip wash days:

Washing your hair every day can lead to longer term issues. Since curls are naturally dry, shampooing daily strips your strands of moisture and their natural oils. Instead, try to limit washes to once or twice a week. Grab yourself a bottle of dry shampoo, or make your own, to get you through until your next wash day.

Be gentle when styling:

While it's ok to still put your curls up in a ponytail, bun, or braid, you'll want to be gentle when doing so. Curls are naturally more delicate, so being rough with your strands can only lead you to bigger issues down the line. Instead, focus on gently putting your hair up, and use soft, cloth covered hair ties to secure your strands in place. When removing a style, don't be excessively rough or tug at your hair. Additionally, try to avoid styling your curls when they're very wet, as strands can contract when drying, leading to breakage. Wait until your curls are fully dry before removing from a style done when wet.

Sleep sweet:

Great curls start overnight. Make sure you're protecting your curls while you sleep. A great place to start is by upgrading your pillowcase to silk or satin. The smooth fabric allows curls to slip across the surface without getting stuck. If a silk pillowcase isn't for you, you can opt for a satin bonnet or hat. Protective styles such as pineappling can also help lead to great curl days.

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