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How obsessing about your curls could be hurting your strands

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Do you spend a lot of time thinking about, worrying over, and messing with your hair? If so, you might actually be doing more harm than not to your curls. This is how obsessing over your curls could be hurting your strands. Instead, let's talk about some healthy ways to approach curl care!

How obsessing about your curls could be hurting your strands

You may feel vulnerable:
If you're newly on your natural curl journey, you probably have already figured out that this can be a very vulnerable time. For those who have been wearing their hair straight for a long time, it can feel strange to start embracing your curls. However, don't let these feelings allow you to revert to altering your hair's texture. These feelings will pass.

You might spend too much time trying to match:

When you're discovering your curls, it can be tempting to spend a lot of time trying to figure out which texture your curls match with, or what your type is. However, this can lead to you spending too much time thinking about it, or jumping the gun and not giving your curls enough time to settle into their natural texture. When this happens, you might find you're actually causing more damage, as you don't yet know what your curls need.

You're not adjusting for your environment:

This one can be a tad tricky, as for many of us, there's nothing we can do about the climate we live in. Indeed, we aren't going to pack up and move somewhere else just for the comfort of our curls. However, if you aren't taking your climate and environment into account when taking care of your curls, you might find it a bit of a struggle to get your hair to do what you want. Therefore, think about not only your environment, but also the type of product you'll need, as well as your expectations.

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