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How To Grow Long, Strong Natural Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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It can hard to grow long, strong curls. Just as you're seeing some improvement in length, there can be irritating setbacks like breakage or damage. Learning how to care for your curls can be a bit of a process, so here are some of our favorite tips and tricks to help you grow the long curls of your dream.

Try steaming your curls: Instead of blow drying your curls, consider steaming it instead. Steam can help reduct damage, minimize dandruff, help curls clump together better and increase blood flow to the scalp, which will lead to better growth.

Use the right butters: While you don't want to use butters every day, you can use it after cleansing or deep conditioning. You can also use a little bit of shea butter on your ends before heat styling for protection. Before exposing your curls to elements like the sun or chlorine, you can use butters for additional protection.

Avoid chemicals: When taking care of your curls, thinking about what you're putting onto them. Look for curl care products that contain healthful botanicals and all natural ingredients. This is especially important for the products you use to cleanse, condition and deep condition. Avoid any products that have sulfates, parabens or silicones, as those are particularly drying to curls.

Pamper your curls: Make sure to protect your curls! Wear silk or satin lined caps in the winter to protect curls from the harsh elements and from tearing on your cap or scarf. Make sure to pineapple your curls before bed, sleep with a humidifier on, and cover your pillowcases or curls with silk or satin.

Allow to dry: Before leaving the house on cold days, allow your curls to completely air dry. This will help loss of moisture to the environment, which can lead to frizz. Before you do any kind of style or twist out, make sure your curls are over 80% dry. This will prevent them from stretching and breaking.

Get poppin' curls: In order to make sure you get great definition and texture to your curls, treat them right! Rinse your curls with cold water to close the cuticle back down after cleansing. Section your curls into small, easy to handle sections for deep conditioning, detangling, product application and styling. Be gentle to your curls; don't rip or tug while detangling or styling!

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