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Great Tips For Natural Growth

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Great Tips For Natural Growth


While on their curly hair journeys, many curly girls express a wish for longer curls. While this isn't something that can happen overnight, it is something that can be worked on. By following these great tips for natural growth, you're sure to see your curls get longer, and stronger. If you have any tried and true tips for growing curls, make sure you let us know about them!

Eat well:

We can't say this enough. Eating well is the very first step to having healthy hair. Since hair is constantly growing, it needs fuel. Start this by making sure you're eating a well balanced diet of fruit, veggies, and protein. Your curls need the minerals and vitamins found in healthful foods to start and stay strong. Do your best to limit your sugar and processed food intake. Drinking plenty of water is also important, as it will keep you hydrated and flush any toxins that might inhibit curl growth out.

Scalp massage:

Your scalp often gets forgotten about when it comes to curl care. However, good scalp care is very important. Take the time to regularly massage your scalp with your finger tips. Don't be excessively rough or you might tangle your curls. Instead, use a light oil to gently work your fingers around your scalp. This will help break up any dandruff, build up, and encourage blood circulation. Healthy circulation means more curl growth.

Regular trims:

When length starts appearing, it's tempting to skip a hair cut to hold onto it. However, unless it's healthy hair it isn't worth allowing it to hang around on your head. Damaged strands are prone to breakage, which means you'll actually lose more hair as the strands split up the shaft. Schedule trims every 8-10 weeks for best results.

Skip washes:

While washing your hair is important, it isn't actually something you should be doing every day. When you wash your strands daily, you run the risk of removing your curl's natural moisture and oils. Not only will you have to work overtime to replace those lost oils, you'll also run the risk of more damage.

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