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Great Routine for 3a Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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If you’ve got Type 3a curls, we’ve got a great curl care routine for you! When you’re taking care of any type of curl, knowing what you’re working with is half the battle. Once you’ve identified your individual curl type, then you’re ready to dive into a curl care routine.


You don’t need to completely give up up shampooing in order to get great curls. Relying solely on cowashing can weigh your delicate curls down, as they can become overconditioned. To get your curls clean, use a gentle, sulfate free shampoo and scrub close to your scalp. You won’t need


Once you’ve cleansed it’s essential to follow up with a good conditioner. If you notice your curls are frizzy, which means they’re getting a little dry, you can use a richer, thicker conditioner to help moisturize. Add your conditioner to the palm of your hands and work it through each curl individually by moving your palms in a downward motion, like praying. Use your fingers to gently work through any tangles. Start at the end and move your way up to the roots, avoiding pulling or ripping.


If you have trouble getting your curls to clump together, make sure to completely rinse out any conditioner. Apply a defining gel to damp curls in a gliding motion from mid shaft to tips. Flip your head upside down and add more gel as needed to help create well defined clumps. Avoiding over scrunching as that can damage curls.


Diffusing takes forever and drying your curls with a dryer are a sure way to get a head full of frizz. To get a jump start on drying, wrap an old, soft tshirt around your curls to allow the fabric to absorb excess moisture. Once your curls are mostly dry, you can diffuse them for a few moments to finish the drying process.

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