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Getting your waves to start higher on your head

by Chelsea Castonguay
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If you have wavy hair, you might notice that sometimes your waves start a bit lower than you'd like. Therefore, you might be hoping for advice on getting your waves to start higher on your head. If so, you've found yourself in the right place. Give these suggestions a try, and see if it makes a difference for you.


One of the most tried and true ways to encourage your curl pattern to start higher and stay throughout the day is to use the plopping technique. This technique allows your strands to dry evenly, and to retain their shape close to the scalp and to the ends of your hair.


It can be really tempting to just blast your curls with a hair dryer in order to hasten the getting-ready process, but it can also blow your strands straight. Therefore, you'll want to to diffuse your curls if you need to get your strands dried faster. Use the diffuser to focus on individual curls and sections of your strands, which will allow your natural curl shape to shine through.

Cut back on products:

While it can be really tempting to just slather on a ton of products to get your mane under control, this can actually cause your natural curl shape to drop, or not start until the mid section of your curls. Try to avoid over applying products to your scalp, and instead lightly apply throughout your strands. Don't forget to scrunch for an even application.


As easy as it can be to forget, skipping out on your clarifyer can make it that much more difficult for your curls to retain their natural shape. Over time, products leave build up on your scalp and in your strands. As a result, your curls might naturally slide out as the products no longer work as effectively. Clarifying will remove build up and make for a much healthier scalp. You'll also notice your products are working better as well.

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