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Getting Your Curls Ready For Winter

by Chelsea Castonguay
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As hard as it is to believe, colder days are coming. With winter comes opportunities for cozy scarves, hats, and sitting by the fire. However, cold usually means your strands are going to become dry. However, there's something you can do about this. This is how you can go about getting your curls ready for winter. If you have a plan in place, you'll be able to better manage your strands, and keep your curls healthy even during the coldest days.

Getting Your Curls Ready For Winter

Switch to cowash:

Instead of using shampoos, now;s the time to switch to a more moisturizing cowash. This will help your strands stay hydrated while also cleansing them. Shampoos tend to strip curls of natural moisture, but this will help your strands keep moisture locked in.


We can't stress this enough, but moisturizing is so critical for healthy curl care, especially during the winter months. The air around you will naturally be much dryer, which means your strands will try to pull moisture from it. When this happens, your cuticles open, which creates frizz. To prevent this, make sure you're regularly giving your strands plenty of moisture to help your cuticles continue to lie flat.


Don't forget about using your oils. Although not all oils should be used for moisturizing, some oils are useful for helping to effectively seal moisture in. However, there are oils that have more moisturizing properties, and you can absolutely use these throughout the winter, especially as pre poo or hot oil treatments for extra boosts of hydration. Oils that moisturize include olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil.

Leave in conditioner:

Believe it or not, some curly girls still aren't making good use of leave in conditioners. However, if you're finding yourself in this category it's time to step your game up. A leave in conditioner is a great way to keep curls hydrated daily and between washing days. Use it after washing your hair to put moisture back in, or daily to refresh your strands.


Throughout the winter, make sure to treat yourself and your curls to regular deep conditioning, protein, and hot oil treatments. Throughout the winter, this will help your curls retain their strength, which means your strands won't be as prone to damage.

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