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How to Get Healthier, Happier Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Winter can be tough on curls, and getting healthier, more moisturized curls is a top priority for many curly girls. Now that spring is finally here, we want to share some of our tips and tricks for bringing your curls from brittle to bouncy. If your curls are feeling dry, lifeless and frizzy, this is the article for you!

Prepoo: For curls that are very dry, consider moisturizing prior to cleansing. Coconut oil provides excellent protection against moisture loss than can occur during the cleansing process.

Cleanse: Sometimes when our curls are dry, we avoid shampooing. No matter what you use to get your curls clean, don't avoid cleansing them. Reach for a gentle, curl friendly and sulfate free shampoo to rid your curls of product and environmental build up. If your curls are coated with product, it will be hard for moisturizing products to penetrate your curl's hair shaft. Cleaner hair is more open to helpful products.

Cowash: If your hair feels dry between wash days, consider cowashing to gain necessary moisture. Once you've cowashed, use shea butter to lock in that moisture.

Deep condition: After you've cleansed your curls, slather your strands in a deep conditioner. For an extra boost, tuck your curls under a plastic cap or towel, and apply indirect heat to help the product penetrate your curls. Create a diy mask with items from your kitchen or select a product that's labeled as a deep or hydrating conditioner.

Hydrate: This is especially important for any time of the year. Hydrated curls are happy, healthy curls, and this starts from the inside out. Make sure you're eating well, and drinking plenty of water. To up your water intake, eat veggies and fruits with a high water content, like cucumbers or watermelon. Don't be afraid to give your curls what they're thirsting for, and spritz your curls throughout the week to add an extra moisture boost.

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