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How To Get Your Flat Waves To Perk Up Again

by Chelsea Castonguay
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For curlies with wavy hair, getting those strands to pump up with some volume can be tricky. Flat hair can be really annoying, but it's possible to get voluminous waves. Here are some tips and tricks to infuse volume back into your wavy curls.

 The right cut:

The longer your curls get, the heavier they will become. This causes a decrease in volume because the curl gets dragged down. It doesn't matter how much you scrunch your waves or what products you use if the cut doesn't flatter the curls. To help curls achieve more volume, make an appointment with a stylist who specializes and is trained in cutting curls.

Do the plop:

No, it's not some crazy new dance challenge, but it can help you achieve curl fame. If you allow your curls to dry flat on your scalp there won't be any volume at the roots. Plop your curls on the top of your head to dry them, to create the accordion style needed to help boost root volume.

Dry like a bat:

If you're in a rush, don't be afraid to pick up a diffuser to help your curls along. You can get more volume by flipping your curls upside down and drying them, therefore creating more volume at the base of your strands. Focus on the roots and make sure the hair dryer is blowing upwards to create volume.

Use a little product:

There's no shame in using some root lifter or other similar products! There are several products out there designed to increase volume in roots, which will help curls stand up more.

Easy Curl Care Tips

Use clips:

The technique is called “O–clipping” and it will result in boosting volume in flatter curls. Use this technique by lifting your roots and inserting duckbill clips while curls are still wet. Allow your curls to dry until they're about 75% dry and then remove the clips to avoid any clip marks.

Clarify your curls:

Curls that are weighed down with product won't be able to stand up. This is because the heavier your strands get with product, oils, and other debris, therefore it becomes more difficult for your strands to bounce into tighter waves. Combat this by making sure you're regularly clarifying your curls to remove excess product build up because your curls need to be cleansed once in awhile to look great.

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