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Figure out your curl’s porosity for great hair

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Are you constantly feeling frustrated by your hair> IF your curls just aren't doing what you want them to do, you might want to think about checking your curl's porosity. Porosity refers to the amount of water your curls can absorb or retain. Believe it or not, this actually makes a huge difference when it comes to styling and caring for your curls. Read on to learn more about how to figure out your curl's porosity for great hair.

When curls are low porosity, this means the scales on your cuticle lie flat. They are generally tight, which means it's more difficult for moisture to get through this natural barrier. Curly girls with low porosity may also experience more difficulty with finding success with a chemical service.

What to do about it:

If you have low porosity curls, you can add heat to help open the cuticle. This will allow moisture, or color to get into the cuticle.

For those with medium porosity, you've landed right in the middle. Your curls easily accept and maintain moisture (lucky you!). There isn't much you need to do for your curls, other than the regular wash, clarifying, and deep conditioning. Your curls probably do ok with chemical treatments, and are shiny with good volume.

Finally, curly girls can also have high porosity curls. What this means is your curls are always open. Since moisture easily goes into your curls, it also comes out very easily. As a result, your curls may often be dry or difficult to style. However, this also means your curls are probably good at accepting chemical treatments.

Since your curls tend to be on the dryer end, you might find they're more prone to damage or difficult to style. Your curls will need extra TLC, such as added moisture, and oil to lock the moisture into your strands. Your curls will thank you for it!

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