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Dream your way to gorgeous curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Did you realize that gorgeous curls start on the pillow? It's true. How we treat and care for our curls overnight will have a huge impact on how your strands are the next day. Therefore, this how you can dream your way to gorgeous curls. Set your curls up for success before you hit the hay, and you're sure to be happy with your hair in the morning.

Dream your way to gorgeous curls


This is one of the easiest, most tried-and-true ways to protect your curls overnight. The catch is that your strands must be dry before using this method. To keep your curls from being crushed, and keep moisture inside, flip your head upside down and gather the hair on the top. That's it! The hair should be secured at the crown of your head, and it might drape forward a bit. Secure loosely with a cloth hair tie.


Those with very long curls might find the pineapple isn't strong enough to hold your curls in place. Therefore, you can try a bun instead. Start similarly to the pineapple by gathering all the hair on the top of your head. Wrap it around, creating a loose bun, which you can secure with a scrunchie, or even bobby pins if you prefer.


While many hikers use these to protect their faces or as headbands on hikes, a buff can actually be a great tool to protect your hair overnight. Gently slide it on, and place loosely over your curls. This will hold your strands in place, protecting them from becoming tangled and helping minimize the amount of moisture that's lost overnight. Those with really long curls might consider loosely tying up their curls.


While a braid isn't ideal if you want to retain your natural curl shape, it does work really well for before wash days. A loose, over the shoulder braid helps keeps hair in place while minimizing the effects of pulling, tangling, or tearing from your hair getting tossed around all night.

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