How To Deal With Frizz When You Have Curly Hair

curly hair

If you have curly hair, you’ve probably dealt with frizzy hair. We aren’t really sure why, but there are days when your curls look flawlessly on point and other days when they’re a crazy mass of frizz. There are several things that can cause frizz; lack of moisture in your strands, humidity, damage and poor styling techniques are some of the more common culprits. When curls are dried out or distressed, they seek water from the environment, which causes the cuticle to open, leading to the dreaded frizz. While you may deal with frizz regularly or occasionally, the good news is there are things you can do to help prevent it.

Pick your products with care: When selecting a curl care product, make sure you carefully read the ingredient list. If a product contains sulfates, parabens or chemicals you can’t pronounce, odds are it isn’t going to be good for your delicate curls. Once you have a great shampoo, use it sparingly. Wash your curls in cool water once or twice a week and don’t scrub too hard. Use your fingertips to work the shampoo into your scalp without screwing your curls around, which can cause tangles, knots and you guessed it, frizz.

Use conditioner every single time: Every time you cleanse, follow with a conditioner. You should also consider using a protein rich conditioner if your curls are porous or need an extra strengthening boost. On your off days, make sure you use a leave in conditioner or a curl refresher. You can change and adapt the different conditioners that your curls need. For example, you might want to do a deep conditioning treatment weekly, or even bi weekly. If your curls are feeling extra dry or sensitive, you can also rinse your curls to get them wet and then use just conditioner to help them retain some excess moisture.

Air dry as much as possible: This can be a little tricky in the cooler months, but try to allow your freshly washed curls to air dry as much as possible. This might mean planning your wash days on the weekend or the night before. Allow your curls to dry up to 85-95% before using a diffuser set on low heat to finish them off. Focus the diffuser on your roots, and try not to agitate your curls too much while drying. Once your curls have dried, allow them several minutes to cool and set. Once they’re formed, avoid running your fingers through them.