How You Could Be Damaging Your Curls In the Shower

curly hair

Have you ever admired another curly girl’s mane? If she has gorgeous, healthy curls, odds are she knows how to treat them right! While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to curl care, it’s no secret that great curls start in the shower. If you’re struggling to get the curls of your dreams, you might be accidentally damaging them during wash days. Check out the ways you could be hurting your curls and what you can do to keep your curls safe in the future.

Ditch the synthetics: If you’re still washing your curls with chemical laden shampoos, consider switching to an all natural or organic curl care product. You’re going to want to look for products that have natural strengtheners like wheat protein, healthy oils like almond or jojoba and softeners like shea butter.

Mix it up: If you’ve been slathering your curls with product, you might be experiencing product build up, which can be harmful to curls when trying to remove it. You can create your own gentle wash by mixing a sulfate and paraben free shampoo with a conditioner. This mix will hydrate the interior of your curls without being too heavy.

Don’t rub it: When you get out of the shower, continue the great curl care by tossing your regular terry cloth towel. Instead of rubbing your curls, blot them dry with a microfiber towel or a soft t-shirt. Microfiber towels help shorten drying time by removing excess water.

Add it in: Are you too short on time to deep condition? You can replace some of the effects of a deep conditioning treatment by using coconut oil in your curls. Coconut oil will instantly add missing moisture back in, making curls healthier and shinier.

Refresh between days: Washing your curls every day can add excess stress and strain to fragile strands. However, after a few days your curls might need a little refreshing. You can get this effect by mixing a leave in conditioner with water. Spritz over your curls and scrunch to help freshen them up!