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Curly tips to change your life

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Have you ever wished you didn't have curly hair? If so, you aren't alone. It can be really difficult to take care of your curls, and sometimes you might even feel overwhelmed by managing your strands. However, it doesn't have to be this way! These are curly tips to change your life. Give these great suggestions a try, and if they work great for you, make sure you let us know.

Curly tips to change your life

Stop straightening it:

If you're still straightening your curls, it's time to stop. Whether you're using a flat iron, or you're chemically straightening your strands, you won't really know what your natural strands look like until you stop changing their texture and shape. It can take some time for curls to bounce back after being frequently changed, so be patient as your curls recover.

Deep condition:

If you aren't doing this regularly, it's time to start adding a good quality deep conditioning treatment to your curl care routine. While using a conditioner is critical after showering, a deep conditioner takes this to the next level, and helps soften, strengthen, and hydrates your curls. It makes sure you have plenty of moisture, so your strands will stay healthy.

Get regular trims:

It can be really tempting for curly girls to skip regular trims, but this can lead to bigger issues down the road. Make sure you're scheduling yourself for regular trims to remove dead ends, so your curls can stay healthy, and will grow faster. If you've been straightening your hair, this will remove splits or damage so your natural texture will come through.

Use silk or satin:

It's time to upgrade your sleeping situation. Treat yourself to a silk or satin pillowcase. Silk is much smoother than cotton, allowing your curls to slip across the surface without being tugged at or roughed up. It also doesn't wick away moisture like cotton does, so your strands will stay hydrated much better.

Skip sulfates:

While you're at it, also ditch any products containing parabans, artificial fragrance, mineral oils, colors, and any other ingredient you can't pronounce. Most of these ingredients will do your curls absolutely no favors. Instead, opt for products containing all natural or organic ingredients instead, which are much more healthy for your curls.

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