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The Curly Hair Mistakes You Could Be Making

by Chelsea Castonguay
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It's been a long time coming, but curly hair is having a serious moment. Everywhere you look you see women rocking their natural locks and storing away their flat irons. Whether you've always worn your hair naturally or are just embracing your curls, there are some mistakes  you could be making that can hold you back.

Your stylist doesn't have curly hair:

This is case of it takes one to know one. Stylists with curls understand the intricacies of living with them. They're going to get what you're going through and have suggestions on how to best cut and style your hair. At the very least, select a stylist who has extensive training in curl care.

You don't account for shrinkage:

There's a reason why the best curly hair stylists don't cut curls wet; they can't see how much your curls are going to shrink up when dry. If your stylist chops your mane while wet, odds are you're going to end up with a cut that might be several inches shorter than you would've liked. Instead, look for a stylist who does dry cuts.

You get a blunt hair cut:

The cut makes all the difference when it comes to curls. Instead of going for a blunt cut like a bob, ask for your stylist to cut layers into your curls to frame your face and create movement throughout your strands.

You use the wrong products:

It's important to understand your curl type so you can buy the correct types of products. Not all products are made for all hair types, so in order to get the most out of your products make sure they're formulated especially for your strands. This applies even to different types of curls. For example, what works for girls with thick, kinky, coils isn't going to work as well for those with thin, fine curls.


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