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The Curly Hair Hacks That Will Rock Your World

by Chelsea Castonguay
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We are all about whatever makes life with curls easier. Here are some of our favorite curly hair hacks that are sure to rock your world.

Cover the sink:

Detangling can leave a huge mess behind. Before beginning to work through those knots and tangles, cover your sink with plastic wrap, or a towel for a more environmentally friendly alternative. When you're done, gather up the wrap and toss it. If you used the towel, shake it into the trash and enjoy a clog free sink.

Skip the brush:

Brushes are not your friend. Brushes will disrupt your curl pattern, which can lead to fallen curls and frizz. However, combs can be useful for detangling. Select a wide toothed one and use plenty of conditioner to create slip to help work through tangles. Start from the bottom and work your way back up to the top.

Deep condition with heat:

While we don't recommend you utilize a lot of heat tools, in this case heat can be your friend. After shampooing, slather your curls with a deep conditioning product and cover with a plastic cap. Allow to sit for a minimum of 30 minutes. Adding a heat source, such as a steamer or heat from your shower will allow the cuticles on your curls to open up. This will let more moisture get inside. Close cuticles back down by rinsing with cold water.

Make your own cowash:

This really goes for any curly care product. By making your own, you can save yourself money and you know exactly what goes into it. An added bonus is that you can create products based on exactly what your curls need to be successful. You can also avoid any yucky ingredients that you might find in commercially made products.

Blot your curls dry:

If you're still rubbing your hair dry with your old terry cloth towels, it's time to toss it in. Invest in some good quality microfiber towels to remove excess water from your hair without creating a frizzy mess. When you are drying you hair, blot your curls individually to remove water without rubbing your curls, as this will create more problems down the road.


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