The Curly Hair Hacks You Need To Know

curly hair

It isn’t always easy having curly hair. One day it can look amazing and the next be a total mess. However, there are a few hacks that can help make your curls look even more amazing than usual!

Use curlers: If you’re finding your curls don’t retain shape very well, you can consider using some soft rollers or perm rods to help them hold a more defined curl.

Add more product: If you’re applying your products while your curls are sopping wet, you might not be getting enough distribution or your curls might need just a little bit more. Your curls are also super fragile when super wet, which can lead to more damage down the road. Wait until your curls are about halfway dry before applying product for longer lasting hold.

Section curls: Before you do anything, washing, styling, etc., you should be sectioning your curls. This will make washing, deep conditioning, detangling and product application much easier and more consistent.

Rinse with cold: For our curlies with high porosity curls, you’re going to want to rinse in cold water. While open cuticles means moisture can get it, it also means moisture can more easily escape. Cold water will close down the cuticle and help retain moisture inside your curls.

ACV: If you aren’t already, consider adding Apple Cider Vinegar into your curl care regimen. It helps close down open cuticles and removes excess building, which makes for a healthier, shinier scalp. You can use it as a rinse after you’ve cleansed

Use a cap: For your weekly deep conditioning, invest in a reusable plastic cap or purchase a package of disposable caps. The plastic will help keep heat inside with the curls, making sure the product does its best work.