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6 Hair Color Trends You Need To Meet Your Curly #Hairgoals

by Michelle Swift
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Curly Hair Dye IdeasHair dye dates back to the time of Cleopatra and it’s constantly been evolving ever since, but we’re not here for a history lesson. We’ve come a long way in the journey of hair color and we want to keep all of you curly girls up to date with the top color trends of the year. That’s right, we’ve got six trends that will give you all the color hairspiration you need to meet your curly #hairgoals. If you’re ready to take your locks to new hues, whether it’s natural highlights or big, bold color, scroll through, ‘cause we’re certain you’ll find the right hair coloring technique for you.

1. Pintura Highlights:

This technique has become all the rage for curly girls. Pintura, refers to the process of painting each curl individually, which allows stylists to choose exactly where they want to place color. This technique controls how the hair captures light and helps to boost hair’s dimension and brilliance. Oh and get this, it also allows stylists to paint color right up to the root, so unlike traditional foil highlights, regrowth is more forgiving and natural. When you need a touch up the stylist will only color the part of your hair that has grown out — less chemicals, less color, less time = healthier hair. No wonder why curly girls are heading en masse to their nearest DevaCurl salon for this new technique!

Curly Hair Dye Ideas Pintura Highlights

source: youtube.com @2curlychicas

2. Ombre:

The ombre hair trend isn’t showing signs of slowing down anytime soon, so it’s not too late for you to give it a go. This gradient hair coloring technique gives hair a naturally faded look by blending dark roots with light ends. For kinky curls this can be a difficult look to pull off, because the tightly coiled texture can often mask the gradient effect, so the stylist will have to use more color to achieve this look. Just be sure to use sulfate-free shampoo and moisturize those bleached locks with conditioner to keep your curls healthy. If damage is a major concern save this look for the wavy and swavey-haired gals. (Photo via Pretty Designs)

Curly Hair Dye Ideas Ombre

source: prettydesigns.com

3. Dip Dye:

For curly girls who ask themselves, why have one hair color when you can have two? This color trend is for you. This two-toned style takes the ombre technique to bigger and bolder levels. While ombre gradually ranges from dark to light with very natural results, dip dye is a definite, bold contrast with no in-between color. If you’re looking to dip into style be sure to color those ends, in a trendy shade like Pantone’s Color(s) of the Year 2016: Rose Quartz or Serenity.

Curly Hair Dye Ideas Dip Dye

source: isabellathordsen.com

4. Temporary Hair Color:

If you want to try a new hue, but don’t want anything too permanent Splat Temporary Hair Chalk will give you all the fun, bright color in your curls without the commitment. This temporary hair color washes out easily so you can change it up each day without causing chemical damage on your precious curls. Follow along with Disco Curls, for an easy to follow hair dye, DIY using Splat Temporary Hair Chalk.

Curly Hair Dye Temporary Hair Colors

source: youtube.com @DiscoCurls

5. Ecaille:

If you want something subtle and sun-kissed, Ecaille (aka Tortoiseshell Hair) the technique behind the “bronde” hair trend, is your grab. Ecaille is a soft and natural-looking hair color created by blending shades of golden blonde, caramel, chestnut and chocolate. It’s the perfect choice for curlies who want to warm up and add dimension to their hair.

Curly Hair Dye Ideas Ecaille

source: instagram.com @melbournehairblogger

6. Opal Hair:

Move over rainbow hair, there’s a jewel-inspired trend making some serious waves and it’s simply magical. That’s right, #opalhair (yes, it even has its own hashtag) is causing a shimmer in the hair color world with its mesmerizing combination of super soft pastel colors like pink, blue and purple with grayish undertones that glimmer just like an opal doeswhen you hold it up to light.

Curly Hair Dye Ideas Opal Hair

source: instagram.com @mrgnmarie

Whether you´ve got coils, waves, or some serious texture, we hope we’ve given you plenty of color hairspiration to meet your 2016 #hairgoals!

Michelle Swift

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