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Pantone: Top 10 Color Trends For Fall 2016 And How To Wear Them In Your Curly Hair

by Michelle Swift
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Curly Hair Color IdeasDid you know that there is a “world-renowned authority on color”? That’s right, each year, on the first day of New York Fashion Week, The Pantone Color Institute releases a biannual fashion report highlighting the top ten shades that are bound to dominate the color trends of the year. But who says you have to stop at fashion!? Set some trends with your curls by wearing these colors in your hair! The Fall 2016 color forecast is a hair colorist’s dream as it’s filled with opportunity.

Top10 Color Trends Curly Hair Color Ideas

source: nordicstylemag.com

From tranquil tones of blue to calming pastels like Dusty Rose, and vivacious shades like Aurora Red, you and your curls are sure to find a color that suits your current mood or personality. Remember, the great thing about color is that you can always change it!

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1. Riverside: Like a good pair of blue jeans, this is a blue that goes with everything, so why not put it in your hair? This color speaks to calmness as it’s not as bright as cobalt or subdued as navy — it’s a little bit edgy, mixed with practicality.

Riverside Curly Hair Color Ideas

source: instagram.com @ color__hair__

2. Airy Blue: Achieve ice queen status with one of the coolest curly hair color trends of the year. This edgy hue will keep your tresses icy fresh and thanks to the invention of Olaplex, curly girls can say goodbye to bleaching and keep their locks damage-free.

Airy Blue Curly Hair Color Ideas

source: instagram.com @ picturesofbeautiful

3. Sharkskin: Don’t worry if you missed out on the #grannyhair trend that was so popular last year — thanks to Pantone’s new color sharkskin, it’s still going strong. This emboldened gray is pair-able with almost any color, making it practical, yet contemporary.

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Sharkskin Curly Hair Color Ideas

source: instagram.com @ the_australasian_college

4. Aurora Red: Grab some attention in this dynamic shade of red that delivers a punch of confidence and warmth. Surely, you’ll never have a boring hair day with this sensual red swirling through your curly cues!

Aurora Red Curly Hair Color Ideas

source: instaram.com @ wonder_lala

5.Warm Taupe: Girls who want to tone down those blonde locks from summer are going to gravitate towards this tried and true shade. It’s warm and approachable — people may want to reach out and touch it! (via @thenaturalslife)

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Warm Taupe Curly Hair Color Ideas

source: instagram.com @ thenaturalslife

6. Dusty Cedar: Can we say curl envy!? This rose gold hue conveys a sense of compassion in a warm and soothing way. It’s statement-worthy, yet conveys composure. Confident girls with a softer edge can flaunt this inviting tone that will surely turn some heads. (via @olaplex)

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Dusty Cedar Curly Hair Color Ideas

source: instagram.com @ olaplex

7. Lush Meadow: Let your green Goddess flag fly with this lush hue! Your curls will resonate with rich botanicals and exude an overall elegance to your overall look.

Lush Meadow Curly Hair Color Ideas

source: instagram.com @ beatrizsetrini

8. Spicy Mustard: If the exotic is what you’re after, Spicy Mustard is your grab. It takes a special curly girl to pull of this zesty look, but to those of you who can — we’re jelly!

Spicy Mustard Curly Hair Color Ideas

source: instagram @ curlbox

9. Potters Clay: This earthy tone will ground your curls in sophistication and root them in stability. Let your curls stand out in this russet shade that’s anything but flat.

Potters Clay Curly Hair Color Ideas

source: instagram.com @ unrulycurls

10. Bodacious: Don’t be afraid to play with color, this unexpected pinkish-purplish hue is simply eye candy for your curls. Go ahead, let your head of hair be the star of the show! ([email protected])

Bodacious Curly Hair Color Ideas

source: instagram.com @ thevicstyles

There you have it, you see, we shouldn’t let fashion get all the world color, save some for your curls too!

Michelle Swift

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